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1/16,000 display resolution.

Full Digital Calibration

Drives up to 8 - 350 ohm load cells

Fuzzy Free Fall Compensation

Automatic Free Fall Compensation

Dual display shows: 1. Weight plus setpoint 2. Total 3. Gross weight

Annunciators include: - Zero Range - MD - Gross - Net - Tare Entered - Hold - Zero Range - 2nd Preliminary - Preliminary - Free Fall - Final - Under - Over

Selectable units of measure: g, kg, t or lb

Fast A/D conversion rate of 100 times / second

Easily selectable minimum divisions: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50

RFI / EMI protection

Standard Control I/O with 6 inputs & 8 outputs (open collector type)

IP65 equivalent splash proof front panel

Flexible power sourcing: - AC 85V - 132V or - AC 170V - 264V - 50/60 Hz

A&D Model
Additional Product information and Technical Literature on the A&D AD-4401 can be received by using A&D's Fax-On-Demand Service.  Simply dial 1-800-726-7099, Press 2, Press 2, enter document number and then pound (#) key.  You can select up to 4 documents per session.  Please have the fax number you wish to send the information to ready prior to calling the Fax-On-Demand Service.
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AD-4401 Series Digital Weight Indicator detailed specifications
WinCT Balance Software Faxable Literature

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